Design Everything

Design is about improving the world. It is hope manifested. Design provides an avenue to explore issues and instigate progress, whether that be tangible, social, cultural, analog or digital. For me, design is everything.

As a humanist

I strive to use design to improve the quality of life for my clients and their constituencies, whether they be customers, patients, end-users or the like. Humanity’s influence over our own environment is ever-present, and there is no reason why the same thoughtful intent that is put into carefully crafting a sculpture shouldn’t be put into all other systems that we have a hand in creating.

As a connector

I have a passion for finding intersections and overlap. These are the points that make a decision meaningful to an audience. These are the places where new opportunities become available to a user. These are the moments in time and place where a system can evolve and progress. All of these pivotal points are rife with potential that can and should be carefully designed.

As an explorer

I live for unforeseen circumstances. Our world is a chaotic system and thoughtful design can only account for so much change in so much time. Recognizing that technology can become antiquated in the time it takes to learn is to recognize the real constraint of time. There is only so much that can ever be known at any moment and being able to move skillfully in that uncertainty is the only way to move forward.

It is through these lenses I view the world and my work. The inherent potential and uncertainty of the human condition pushes me to continue searching for new connection opportunities that will bring meaning to our lives.

If you have a project that aligns with this outlook, or you’d like it to, lets connect. I’m on twitter @_dominicp and instagram at the same @_dominicp